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Why Does My Breaker Keep Tripping?

A Circuit breaker protects the circuit and the wiring from overheating and prevents electrical fire. When your circuit trips all you have to do is to turn the breaker all the way off and then all the way back on again. If that doesn’t fix your circuit tripping problem and your breaker continues to trip it means your circuit is overloaded, you can check an overloaded circuit as described below. Even after assessing each of the following possible causes of the tripping and your breaker still keeps tripping contact a licensed electrician to correct the problem. Several common problems associated with breaker tripping are listed below, as well as what you should do to solve these problems if they occur in your home.   Overloaded Circuit One of the reasons why a breaker trip is when the circuit is overloaded because too much power is demanded from one circuit and the breaker prevents potential danger by stopping the flow of electricity by tripping it. You can fix this issue by redistributing some of the power to different circuits by either using fewer appliances at the same time or you can also plug some of the appliances into other outlets that […] read more
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5 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity in Sydney

Your electricity bill completely depends on your usage and it’s easier than you think to reduce your usage and hence the cost. Marky Sparky has some wonderful handy tips to help you save on electricity. Here are 5 ways to save electricity and reduce your bill costs.   1. Do Not Keep Electronics On Stand-By Mode Keeping your electronics on stand-by mode might seem as it’s not consuming any energy, but a whopping 75% of the energy use can be caused by electronics that not fully switched off so remember to unplug your television out next time you’re finished watching to keep it from drawing unnecessary and costly power.   2. Install Energy Efficient Lighting Energy-Efficient lighting, such as LEDs can use 70% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs! Select the smarter choice.   3. Get an Energy Audit Getting an energy audit would help you to pinpoint exactly what eating up your energy bill, Because that old microwave in the kitchen may be taking a ton of energy. Findings can help you reduce your electricity bill drastically.   4. Make energy-saving home improvements Homeowners can go for a long-term upgrade that can […] read more
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The Advantages Of Electrical Heating Sydney For Your Home

  Heating and heating solutions are a big concern for homeowners especially when it gets close to winter. There are several options for heating, with some solutions performing better and more efficiently than others. The size of the home as well as the layout will usually dictate what heating solution is the best for your individual case, but electrical home heating (most commonly through a reverse cycle air conditioning system) usually beats gas heating on efficiency and cost. If you are looking for advice and assistance on upgrading or replacing your heating solutions at home, our licensed and experienced refrigeration mechanics and electricians at Marky Sparky can help you. We can provide you with the pros and cons of each type of heating solution in order to get to the optimal electric heater that suits your needs.   Radiant heaters Sydney – These are mainly portable, personal heaters. It usually consists of a casing and a red-hot heating element that projects heat in a small area. Some models can be floor or wall mounted and are inexpensive to run. A key issue with this type of heater is fire and safety hazard. If the heating element is exposed, it may potentially […] read more
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Outdoor Electricians Sydney Outlets & Sydney Electrical Safety

As Cold weather is nearing make electrical safety a priority as it is crucial to check your outdoor wiring and outlets are in good condition to withstand the harsh winter. Run an Electrical Safety Inspection for an outdoor outlet Installation and upgrades Check-list of things to do when it comes to outdoor electrical outlets? Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) Outlets for your outdoors to protect from serious electrical problems. If you find yourself plugging in an extension cord for your outdoor use then it is recommended additional outlets installed.   Abide by manual warning in certain appliances that say “not for outdoor use.” It’s always safer to double-check before running into a problem later on. Make sure that electrical appliances are unplugged and turned off when not in use or left unattended. Whether it is an outlet or appliances or extension cords it needs to be rated for outdoor use when you are using them in your backyard. If you must have extension cords running across your backyard during festival lighting, make sure to keep it out of the snow or stagnant water and away from children and pets   If you need any help in house electrical wiring […] read more
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4 Reason For An Sydney Electrical Outlet Upgrade

Don’t get scared when you finally realise that buzzing or humming noise was not your kids, or spouse or a bug but actually your electrical outlet. There are several reasons why outlets hum and it also indicated that it’s time for an Electrical Outlet Upgrade so Call your Inlightech Electrician nearby for a professional electrical safety inspection.   Connections are loose: Loose wires within the connections are one of the reasons why you’re hearing such buzzing noise. When wires inside an outlet become loose it causes them to vibrate and make a buzzing sound. Such cases of loose wires are more prevalent in older homes with outdated outlets. Upgrade to the latest electrical standards by a professional if you are living in a home that is at least 30 years old. A well planned electrical outlet upgrade on your electrical unit or at least certain well-used outlets will ensure electrical safety to your old home Temperature changeElectrical equipment emits heat when in use these changes in temperature sometimes cause the electrical equipment to contract and expand which can cause a loose connection. Loose wires can be a serious issue and you could end up with damage to your circuits or […] read more
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5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sydney Electric Panel

Safety: Safety always comes first. Outdated electric panels can be a problem for you and your family as they could lead to electric shock or fire. Do not DIY electrical works you must call in a professional electrician to check out your electrical layout if you have had any issues with shocks or sparks then you definitely need to have your panel replaced. Energy efficiency Overloading the energy supply with extension cords and power strips will overwhelm your system. Adding new breakers will enable you to handle the electrical load of newer appliances and electronics. To install upgraded breakers and increase your energy efficiency Hire an Inlightech Electrician nearby. Outdated Homes that are older than 40 years will definitely need an electrical upgrade as outdated electrical equipment can not support the electrical load for newer appliances. This will increase your energy efficiency as well as the safety in your home. Remodelling While remodelling your kitchen or any other area of your house it is highly possible for newer appliances to be installed but your system may not be equipped to handle these newer circuits if you don’t install new breakers or upgrade your system. Damage A damaged electrical panel needs immediate replacement. Some signs of […] read more
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Common Sydney Electrical Problems In Your House

Loose Outlet Plug: Turn off the breaker and use a voltmeter to check for voltage to the outlet. Remove the Outlet plate by unscrewing the cover plate you can add outlet shims and screw the plate back into the wall. Broken Light Switch: Turn off the circuit breaker and the light will go out when you choose the right one. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the faceplate and Phillip’s head to remove the light switch. Test the two wires connected to the screw for electricity and if it’s safe, disconnect and reassemble the light switch. Short Circuit: Electrical appliances such as hairdryers as a history of frequently trip or short circuits. To fix this just reset the breaker and check if it’s working fine but if you experience this repeatedly on various occasion with the same appliance then it indicates a faulty appliance and not the electrical system. If you’re experiencing trips or short circuits without the appliance then you need to Call in a Professional to fix the short in the wiring or receptacle Cut or Damaged Extension Cord: Unplug both ends and cut off the old plug. Gently score and peel back the insulation jacket. Strip each […] read more
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4 Reasons Why You Should Not DIY Electrical Work

  For all the Do-It-Yourselves Daredevils out there here is 4 reasons why we recommend you hire a Professional Electrician to fix your old wires, fuses, outlets upgrades. When it comes to electrical repairs DIY projects can go terrible wrong causing issues you may not be ready to face and pay for out of the pocket.   An Electrical Fire Worn out old wires can cause a spark and will lead to house fires but old wiring is not the only thing you have to look out for, bad wiring can result in fire break out and these fires doesn’t just destroy parts of a home or an entire home, but they can cause serious injury and death to you or loved ones living within it. It is crucial that you Hire a Certified Residential Electrician with years of experience.   Danger of DIY Electrical Work If the work is not done to code by a certified electrician and any mishap takes place such as a fire occurs in your home or any other kind of electrical mishap your insurance company may not cover the damage costs. It is never wise to DIY electrical work in your home or in […] read more
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Sydney Electrical Upgrades For Your Home

An Electrical panel serves as an entry point for electricity from the local power company, distributing power throughout your house. When you start using high-powered appliances your electrical panel may get strained, causing blown fuses and outages. Which is why Electrical Upgrades at regular interval is recommended by electrical professionals all around the world.   Moving to a new place? Make an appointment at Inlightech to Hire your nearby licensed electrician to check the fuse boxes and panels.   This is crucial when you have moved to an old property with old panels that tend to get overloaded. Apart from panel upgrades, you will require various other electrical service upgrades when you install large appliances and fixtures in your homes, such as a refrigerator, central AC unit, or a hot tub.   It is highly recommended to have your electrical service upgraded when you have your kitchen renovated or whenever you construct a new addition. Under all circumstances even if you aren’t making any changes, your electrical panel may still need an upgrade. In fact, your home may already be showing you that you need an electrical service upgrade such as: Your panel box is making crackling sounds The panels […] read more
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TV wall mounts Sydney

Do you need TV wall mounts Sydney? Then you’ve come to the right place! Marky Sparky in Sydney, offers the best electrical services in the area. For our team of local experts in Sydney, no work is too big or small. Our electricians provide a comprehensive service and guarantee quality. We provide quality workmanship, safety, excellent communication and competitive pricing.   Our services include rewires, fault finding, Electrical Renovations Sydney and many other electrical services. We service the suburbs of Toongabbie, Kellyville, Parramatta and surrounding areas, our knowledgeable electrician can work with you to find a solution to best suit your budget, needs and we will endeavour to answer any questions that you may have.   If you are looking for the installation of a new TV point Sydney or new data points Sydney in your residential home for your Wi-Fi or Foxtel we here at Marky Sparky can provide the communication wiring you need. We can take of all your TV, phone and data needs.   We can wall mount your big screen TV saving you time and avoiding damage to your premises and helping you avoid injury.   TV wall mounts Sydney read more
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