If you want to know where to earn extra cash and have any familiarity with the online auction giant eBay, then opening an eBay store may be a great step for you in Extra Cash Each Month achieving your goals. In just a few hours and with a little forethought and creativity, your store can launch and you can start earning that extra money.

In order to have an eBay store, you must first have https://www.extracasheachmonth.com an eBay account and be logged in. Familiarity with selling (and buying) methods is extremely helpful. Take some time to explore all options, run several searches and see generally how business is done on the site. If you’re still not comfortable, bid on an item or two and if appropriate, complete a purchase using the Buy It Now feature. There is no better way to understand the selling process than to be a buyer first. These experiences can often shape a seller’s store policies and attitudes towards buyers on eBay.

Once you are familiar, comfortable and ready to sell, click on the icon labeled, “Sell” on the top right side of the main page. You can either start out in the section entitled, “Seller Information Center” or go to “Sell an Item.” One of the newer features on eBay for sellers is a service called, “Sell It for Me.” With this feature, you can actually locate and reach out to eBay sellers in your local area who are able to sell your items on the site under their profile while taking a slice of the sales price. This option is comparable to selling on consignment; someone else will do the legwork for you, but you won’t be able to keep the entire profit from the sale.

If you decide to open your own eBay shop, click on “Sell an Item.” eBay will logically take you through the steps to opening your shop. Take the time to open and verify a PayPal account, which will allow you to receive payment instantly as well as to ship items using discounted shipping rates. Invest in a good scale as it can save you money over guesstimating the weight of packages.

Also, take the time to customize your store. Write a little about yourself, why you are selling on eBay and your philosophy as an eBay shop owner. Make your shop stand out in ways that others don’t by looking through your competition’s shops and “About Me” pages for ideas. Take a little time each month and do a quick update of the information and ensure all data is accurate.

As a store owner, it is important that you remain professional. Part of this is leaving thought out and meaningful feedback. Many sellers won’t leave a buyer feedback until the seller has left positive feedback. This is because only buyers can leave negative feedback. As a long time eBay seller, I have always subscribed to the school of thought that if I am conducting my business honestly and with integrity, there is no need to “withhold” feedback for any reason. Thus, upon completion of all sales, I leave positive feedback, thanking them for their purchase and inviting them to come back and shop again soon.