That’s obvious if you take a look at the value tag (which we will get into later). That’s a micro-skinny urethane coating Srixon has been placing on Z-STARs since 2015 to reinforce spin around the inexperienced. Reduction of slices and hooks has been a Srixon Q-Star raison d’être by way of its several iterations. There’s in reality one thing noticeably different about the cover of the Q-Star. The fact of the matter is that few of us are swinging with the same velocity as the pros and due to this fact can’t compress a tour stage ball the way they do. And also you can’t speak Srixon golf balls with out talking about Spin Skin with SeRM. What Models of Srixon Golf Balls Can I Find? The Bridgestone E6 balls additionally fly extremely straight. Bridgestone has somehow managed to make selling a 3-piece golf ball at a low price worthwhile. Its low drag dimple patter (324) permits for extra management within the face of air resistance. “That’s a really superb tune adjustment we’ve made to control the peak top from being too excessive,” says Brunski. The Spinskin is molded with a 338 dimple pattern designed to reduce drag whereas offering […] read more