Google is the clear leader in the field of big data. In the big data ecosystem, they have created a number of open-source tools and methods that are widely utilized. Google can now quickly and accurately find the information you need by scanning through millions of websites using various big data technologies and methodologies. We immediately wonder how Google is able to carry out such complicated tasks so well. Big data analytics is the solution. Google analyzes our needs using Big Data tools and approaches based on various factors, including search history, locations, trends, and so on. Google then provides the sorted or ranked search results in relevancy and authority according to the user’s demand after passing it via an algorithm that performs intricate calculations. Google has long aimed to create a search engine that can comprehend each search query’s terms, reasoning, and objective. Google’s ability to explore beyond the literal meaning of every term in a search query has been made possible via semantics. This has led us to wonder how exactly data science and big data help in this process. To get a detailed explanation, you can refer to the advanced data science course in Bangalore.  Google has […] read more