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The History Of Opal And The Gemstone Jewellery Made From It

Opals are one of the most unique and beautiful gemstones in the world, and they have a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Here is a brief overview of the history of opals and the gemstone jewellery made from them: The origins of opals are shrouded in mystery, but they are believed to have been formed millions of years ago when silica gel seeped into cracks in rocks and solidified. Opals were first discovered in ancient times in the deserts of Ethiopia, where they were revered by the local people as a symbol of love and hope. They were also highly valued by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed that they had the power to bring good luck and protect against disease. During the Middle Ages, opals were highly prized by European royalty and nobility, who believed that they had magical powers and could protect against evil. Opal jewelry was worn as a symbol of status and wealth, and opals were often set in intricate designs that highlighted their unique play of color. In the 19th century, opals were discovered in Australia, which became the world’s leading producer of high-quality opals. Australian opals were highly sought after […] read more
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Why You Should Buy Australian Opal Jewellery From Gemstone Jewellery

Australian opals are some of the most sought-after and highly valued gemstones in the world, known for their unique play of color and iridescence. If you’re considering purchasing opal jewelry, here are some reasons why you should consider buying Australian opal jewelry from a reputable gemstone jewelry dealer: High Quality: Australian opals are known for their exceptional quality, and they are often considered to be the best opals in the world. They are highly prized by collectors and jewelry lovers for their vivid colors, high clarity, and unique patterns. Wide Range of Colors: Australian opals come in a wide range of colors, from bright reds and oranges to deep blues and greens. This variety of color makes Australian opals ideal for creating unique and beautiful jewelry pieces that are sure to stand out. Ethical Sourcing: When you buy Australian opal jewelry from a reputable gemstone jewellery dealer, you can be confident that the opals have been ethically sourced and that the workers involved in the mining and cutting process have been treated fairly. Investment Value: Australian opals have a high investment value, and they are often considered to be a valuable addition to any jewelry collection. With proper care, Australian […] read more
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The Science Behind Gemstone Jewellery: What Makes It Different From Other Jewellery

Gemstone jewelry is unique and different from other types of jewelry because of the science behind the gemstones themselves. The scientific properties of gemstone jewellery are what give them their beauty, rarity, and value. Here are some of the key scientific properties that make gemstone jewelry different from other types of jewelry: Composition: Gemstones are minerals that have a specific chemical composition. Each gemstone has a unique combination of chemical elements that gives it its characteristic color, clarity, and other physical properties. Crystalline Structure: Gemstones have a crystalline structure, which means that their atoms are arranged in a specific pattern. This structure determines the way that light interacts with the gemstone, which is what gives it its unique appearance and brilliance. Refraction: The refractive index of a gemstone is the measure of how much the light is bent when it passes through the gemstone. Gemstones with a higher refractive index will appear more brilliant and sparkling than those with a lower refractive index. Hardness: Gemstones vary in hardness, which is the measure of how resistant they are to scratches and abrasions. Some gemstones are very hard, such as diamonds, while others are relatively soft and can be easily scratched. Rarity: […] read more
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