Road blockers are an essential tool for controlling vehicular access to high-security areas such as government buildings, airports, embassies, and military bases. They are also used in other areas such as car parks, commercial properties, and private residences. Road blockers can be used to restrict vehicular access in various ways, such as preventing entry, controlling the speed of vehicles, and stopping or slowing down a vehicle that is attempting to enter a restricted area. In this article, we will discuss the different types of road blockers and their uses. Types of Road Blockers Fixed Road Blockers Fixed road blockers are the most commonly used type of road blocker. They are installed into the ground and are usually made of steel. Fixed road blockers are designed to prevent vehicles from entering an area by blocking the road or driveway. They are typically used in high-security areas where vehicular access is restricted. Fixed road blockers can be used to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering a restricted area or to control the speed of vehicles entering the area. They are also used to prevent ramming attacks, where a vehicle is used as a weapon to gain entry to a restricted area. Retractable Road […] read more