How minced tooth pulp could restore your smile

Fast forward to 2021, and there is a ‘shroom wellness boom going on, with mushrooms appearing in everything from teas to tinctures. However, we’re not talking about magic mushrooms here – which contain psilocybin, a natural hallucinogenic – but medicinal mushrooms such as chaga, reishi and shiitake, which are considered nutritional powerhouses that can superboost your health.

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You thought was terrifying? Wait till you watch this exclusive clip from National Geographic nature docuseries Hostile Planet. In it, a spore lands on an unassuming ant, and very bad things start to happen.

Out-run them: This only would only work with CDHD-1 zombies, who would only be able to lumber along clumsily.

Police from the Forest Branch from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau have identified the woman by her surname, Lin, according to .

‘I would avoid going for sweet foods as they feed the bad gut bacteria and can trigger cravings for the whole day, as well as unbalance blood sugar levels,’ said Yalda Alaoui founder of Yalda suggests eating anything savory to keep blood sugar levels more stable. 





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Natural history producer Nick Gates, 31, was checking the man-made hibernaculum in his garden when he made the shock discovery