An Overview of the Life Expectancy of Pet Birds by Breed

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The birds have a pleasing and charming personality that keeps pet adopter amused.Whether it is a small lovebird or a huge macaw, each bird has a different personality and beauty. They also have different life spans depending on their breed. Here are the life spans of different birds according to their breed:

Ducks and Swans

Ducks and swans have a very embellished and romantic visual appeal.In fact, many of the classic romantic stories have either duck or swan in the background. They need some specific conditions t thrive and lead a healthy life. If the same so provided they can live between 15 and 30 years.


Pigeons may not look very impressive but they possess excellent intelligence.

Pigeons have a very good sense of directions and they were used for sending or receiving messages and letters till Second World War. They can easily get attached to a human and can be very fond of him. If taken proper care of they can live up to 15 years.


Amazons need special care and nutritional requirements. While their average life expectancy is 20 years, they can live 45-50 years if they are provided best veterinary care and the age-specific diet.


Cockatoos are also known to have a decent lifespan. If they are provided the ideal conditions they can live till 40 years.


The Canary birds are reputed bird singers and have an aesthetic appearance. While 10-15 years is their normal lifespan, it can be increased further with intense care and perfect living conditions. In such favorable conditions, their life expectancy can increase to as much as 25 years.Finches are very small birds and live a life not exceeding 5 years. However with good care and offering them a communal life, their life expectancy can be increased to 15-20 years.


Budgerigars are small cute birds that can live for 18 years while Quaker parakeet can have the lifespan as long as 30 years.


Most of the parrot species can speak like human beings if trained ideally. Some of them mimic the voices so clearly that people can mistake their voice for a real human voice. They can also mimic various noises and sounds like the opening of a door, horn of the bus and noise of mixer blender.Many parrots are extremely beautiful and considered to be a living, chirping beauty for the house. Besides, they are very comfortable with human beings. Because of all these qualities parrots are preferred pet birds for most of the pet adopters.

However, they need a healthy, hygienic and happy life to live considerably longer.In such ideal conditions, the species like Lories and Lorikeets can live anywhere between 17 and 20 years while love birds have a smaller lifespan of around 10 years. Having a mate also affects the life expectancy of many of these birds.

The life span of large parrots mimics their size.

They can live for several decades if they are given proper care, diet, and ideal living conditions. However, they are extremely intelligent and Birding workshops ( thus very sensitive creatures. So, apart from good diet and care they also need healthy relations. Hence, it is recommendable that if you once establish cordial and close relations with these parrots you should maintain the same.

African Grays

In Ideal captive condition African Grays can live up to 25 years while Cockatoos can live for 4 decades if taken proper care of.

Different birds have different life spans and their life expectancy also depends on upon the captive conditions.Hence, it is necessary to offer the bird’s adequate nutritious diet and a healthy and happy lifestyle in the captive condition. You can also check with your vet or from where you adopt the bird regarding the life expectancy.

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